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3 years 3 months
65 lbs
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Kathy Kitchen Email kathrynsk@centurytel.net
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Hi this is Dax, Daxman, Daxy. Baby boy!

Hi!  I am Dax, and my foster Mom says I am a very sweet, loving, goofy Airedale boy who really needs a new home and family.  

You see, I have been waiting such a very long time because of something called a pandemic, but my Mom says things are getting better, so maybe you could be my family??

I am 3 years old, and weigh 65 lbs.  I love my young foster Airedale sister-she runs and plays with me.  I LOVE to run fast!  I have a older sister, too, who has arthritis, so I have learned to be very gentle with her.  See I am a smart boy, too!

I am crate trained, and will go to my crate for a nap, or to eat.  I love to play with toys, help Mom cut the grass, and snuggle with her at night. I am really good in the car and love rides.   I am getting better at walking on a leash, but with a good harness she says I will get better with practice.  Oh, and I guess I “talk” a lot-barking is fun but sometimes Mom says I need to shush!  I really don’t like small kids or small dogs, but older teens who understand Airedales like me are more my speed.  

Fireworks and thunderstorms are scary for me, so I want to be close to my people inside and feel safe. Oh, and I am a fast runner so a fenced yard is a must.


Contact me if you are an approved ATRA home and are interested in giving Dax a forever home.