Adoption Pending
2 years 7 months
38 lbs
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Kathy Kitchen Email
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Hi I am Macy and I am 2yo. I love to cuddle and help you with chores. I love to follow my foster Mom around and help her.  Ladders have been a little tricky, apparently there should only be one body on a ladder at a time.  Hey I was only standing on the bottom step. I just wanted to help. You also shouldn’t take parts/tools to play with when she is installing a garbage disposal. We did fix the leak!!  She couldn’t have done it without my help, plus she got her steps in!

I walk very well on leash. I do have a high prey drive.  Guess what!!! I almost caught a squirrel. The rabbits have learned to stay on the outside of my yard. I love playing with my foster sisters and brothers. I always end up on the bottom of the pile with everyone on top of me. I am so popular!  I do try and tell them my Mom only likes me. But they walk over to her and she pets them. So frustrating!

I love my crate and I sleep in it even when I don’t have to. It’s my safe place! I love watching TV and I get really excite when I see another animal on there. I should be a movie star!

There is nothing like adopting an Airedale movie star!

If you are an ATRA approved home shoot my Mom an email. If you aren’t approved, contact your State coordinator and get approved.

Love and kisses, Macy Mae