Adoption Pending
5 years 2 months
54 lbs
Contact for more information : 
please contact Marsha Roush at or 937-477-5725
Other dog ok?: 

Millie was picked up as a stray in Cincinnati, and appeared to have recently had a litter of pups.  Luckily for us, the shelter contacted nearby Airedale rescue groups to see if anyone would take her.  I was able to pick her up, had her vetted and spayed, and she is now learning how to be a wonderful, family dog.  She was extremely timid and frightened of everything and everyone, and she is improving and trusting more, but that is still a work in progress.  We have two Airedales (male and female) that she absolutely adores, and looks to for guidance and confidence.  As she didn’t have a name that we know of when she came in, she now knows her name and is 99% housebroken with regular visits outside.  She loves her crate, and that seems to be her safe place.  She sleeps in the crate at night, and since we leave the door open during the day, she spends time in there and naps there during the day.  
As she can still be frightened of many things, especially outdoors, she’ll need a physical fenced yard and a friendly doggie buddy or two.  She loves to play, and has learned bitey face and zoomies from our pooches.  She enjoys her peanut butter filled Kongs immensely, and is learning to play with toys, especially tug-of-war with Snickers, our young female.  
Millie is such a loving girl and craves attention from us.  She needs a quieter adult home (older kids should be OK) with doggie buddies and a fenced yard.  She eats well, and is not protective at all of her food bowl.  She is a very fast eater, so we started feeding her in a slow-feed bowl.  She has found the joy of doggie beds, but does not attempt to get on any furniture.  She is not afraid of storms.
If you would are an ATRA approved home and would like more information about Millie, please contact Marsha Roush at or 937-477-5725.  She is a sweetie!