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10 months 1 week
64 lbs
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Cory is a 9month old sweet boy. He is 64lbs and growing. I think he will be a big boy!!

Cory is all Airedale!! From his antics to his sweetness He loves to play with his older brothers and sisters. He is always in the middle of fun. He does know a few commands. He loves his crate, it’s his safe place, when he has been more puppy then any one can handle. He is still puppy mouthy and he jumps up but has learned not to knock me over!!

His hearing has improved and he does hear me call him and he usually comes, if there isn’t something even a little funnier than me to do.

He watches TV and barks at the animals. I have almost got him convinced they are make believe animals. Really I don’t think he believes me but he stops barking at them and just watches, which is what I want.

He would do best with a physical fenced yard. I think he would be ok with small children as long as they don’t mind being knock down, and they are durable!!  Remember he is a puppy- Big puppy!

If you are an ATRA approved home and think you have what Cory needs, contact your state coordinator.