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6 years 9 months
56 lbs
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Paula Lackner 715-584-5961
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Sherlock came from a life of living on a farm in Kentucky where his job was siring puppies for sale.  His owner decided to retire Sherlock and get out of Airedale breeding. He was listed on Craigslist, and that’s how he became an ATRA ‘Dale.

Sherlock is a happy, good-natured dude who rides well and knows some very basic tricks like “sit” and “paw”. When he came into rescue he had mild heartworm disease, a urinary tract infection and a double ear infection. ATRA made sure he received the treatment he desperately needed. The bad ear was successfully corrected with surgery, the UTI has resolved, and the heartworm treatment is completed and he is clear of heartworm. He is up to date on his vaccinations and neutered as well. After his medical needs were taken care of, Sherlock made the trek from Kentucky to northeast Wisconsin to a foster home. In his foster home he loves his brother so his new home needs a buddy for him to play with. He loves car rides, playing in his fenced in yard, and playing with his foster brother.  He has a large tub of assorted toys and he throws them in the air, play bows with his foster brother and then will lay down and take a nap after playing. He walks well on lead and knows he has to wait for his food and told ok.  He loves attention from humans especially just petting him and telling him he is a good boy. In his younger years he did live with children.  He did well for his grooming and is crate trained.  

Now his next step is to find his forever home, please contact Paula Lackner at or 715-584-5961.