Volunteer Positions

We are always on the lookout for new ideas and more people to help. If you have asked yourself what you could do to help Airedale rescue, why not be an ATRA Aire Angel! There are many ways you can help. Explore what ATRA volunteers can do.

Transport Coordinator/Transport Assistant

Rescued Airedales are moved for several reasons. The most common is to get rescues to their approved forever homes, but they are also to move them into a foster home from a shelter or owner surrender and sometimes they are moved between foster homes. No matter what the reason, animal rescue transports play a vital role in assisting our Airedales to get to freedom and a new life. Saving the Airedales is a team effort, and when we work together, miracles can happen!

State Coordinator

Coordinators are the backbone and public face of ATRA.  They have significant responsibilities for acting as a liaison between volunteers, kennels, vets and adoptors in their state, coordinators in other states, stakeholders and information sources, as well as, Airedale welfare. Professional and ethical behavior is expected in all internal and external interactions. They must carry out all activities with the understanding that they are doing so as an ATRA representative.  Some of our coordinators have been volunteering for years and some for a very short time.

Airedale Walker

ATRA need volunteers to walk Airedales that are in boarding facilities.  There are various reasons that our Airesdale must spend time in boarding facilities.  Sometimes we do not have a foster home available or the dog needs to be an only dog and all of our foster homes have dogs.  Whatever the reason, we need someone to make sure the dog gets daily walks that include teaching basic obedience and lots of TLC with the goal of making their stay at the shelter more stimulating and allows our Airedales to gain more one-on-one attention and socialization which helps the dogs make an easier trans

Technical Volunteers

We are good at rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, but not so technically savy. We need volunteers to help with website, expanding our web and Facebook presence, and creating online media to share our rescue and rehabilitation efforts with people.

Social Networking Representative 


If you like to write, we need writers to work with the newsletter editor, volunteers and board to create articles for our Newsletter and Website. Information can be gleaned from conversations on facebook, the ATRA Coordinator List and details can be gathered from phone interviews or emails to obtain the facts and figures for the articles.

It will we require quick short stories that will tell ATRA's story.  Happy tails about sucesses.

Community Outreach to Promote ATRA

We are looking for people who would like to work with us on our Events Team to help organize ATRA Awareness and Visibility events. Generate the interest of donors, potential adopters, and future volunteers by representing ATRA at public events and ATRA's annual picnics, parades and fall and spring auction events.

Community Outreach Director and Volunteers

Fostering Dogs

All of our foster homes go through the same screening process as a prospective adopter. They fill out an application, have references checked and receive a home visit. If you are already an ATRA adopter who has gone through this process, you need not do it again. However, if something has changed in your situation since your application, you should make us aware of it. You also need to consider the pets currently living in your home. They should be able to accept an unfamiliar dog coming into their living space.

Home Visits

Volunteers are needed to meet with prospective adopters and complete a questionnaire and home inspection. Prospects can be located in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Nebraska, Ontario, Colorado.