Foster Home Needed
6 years 5 months
56 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Mary Huntsman, Kentucky Coordinator, at, or 606-224-9066.
Other dog ok?: 

Clyde is a moderate-sized Airedale of around 56lbs. from Western Kentucky, on the Mississippi River; he’s about six years old. When he came into ATRA’s care, he had a mild case of heartworms and the tick-borne disease ehrlichia. Fortunately, it was all treatable, and Clyde is now healthy and ready to move to a foster home. The generosity of our donors makes saving dogs with medical needs, like Clyde, possible.

Clyde previously lived in a home with several children ranging in age from infants to teens. His trainer has determined that he would be fine in a home with a female dog, but his intense curiosity about cats means that he can’t be around them, or other small pets. His manners have improved significantly with training, and you can go to the Facebook link below to watch a training video of him. Before moving to the surrendering family, he was a hunting dog; anyone interested in him should be aware and alert to this. He is a very sweet boy who needs a chance to mature into his best life as a companion animal.

Clyde requires a patient foster or adoptive home. He needs a home that will help him become a good “inside dog” and continue to reinforce his training. If you can give him a place to crash for a while, or forever, please contact Mary Huntsman, Kentucky Coordinator, at, or 606-224-9066.

Here is a video with his trainer: