Foster Home Needed
6 years 2 months
56 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Mary Huntsman, Kentucky Coordinator, at, or 606-224-9066.

Clyde is another moderate-sized Airedale of around 56lbs. from Western Kentucky, on the Mississippi River; he’s six years old. Unfortunately, thanks to the mosquitoes, Clyde came to ATRA with a mild case of heartworms for which he is in treatment. He also had ehrlichia, a tick-borne disease we see in many Kentucky dogs, that has resolved with antibiotics. He needs to have a tooth pulled and teeth cleaned under anesthesia.

Clyde lived in a home with several children ranging in age from infants to teens. He was given to the family as a package deal with their purchase of the house, by the former owner who trained him for hunting feral pigs. His prey drive proved an issue when he harmed a family cat; he lived in harmony with their female Pit Bull for the two years he was there. There is a crawling infant now, and the family was concerned that Clyde might accidentally hurt the baby.

Because of his history, Clyde cannot go to a home with small dogs, cats, or other small animals. He is a good boy who loves people and needs some guidance to become a better family member. He knows elementary things like “sit” and “stay”. He currently does not like having his face touched, which is why his head is fuzzy but his body is sheared down. Hopefully losing the rotten tooth will improve his fears about his face and mouth.

Clyde requires a patient foster or adoptive home; he should be tested with other large dogs. He needs a home that will help him become a good “inside dog”. If you can give him a place to crash for a while, or forever, please contact Mary Huntsman, Kentucky Coordinator, at, or 606-224-9066.