Airedale Guide

Whether you are a potential adopter, a supporter or a visitor to our website, you will find a wealth of information here concerning Airedales and rescue.  If you find that you need to surrender an Airedale, we can help.  If you just want information about Airedales, their personalities, and concerns about owning one, we have that also.  Spend some time browsing through the pages in this section.

  • Airedales and Children

    Kids and dogs just seem to go together. Unfortunately, the majority of young Airedales come to rescue from families with small children. Typical reasons for surrender include: Airedale is play biting, jumping on, knocking down children. Child has been injured by dog and is afraid. Airedale has bitten child, or child's friends. Toddler pursues dog and dog is growling, snapping at child. Child is allergic to dog. School and other activities leave no time for dog, dog is always alone. Dog is food oriented and growls at children with food. Alpha dog is challenging child.

  • Dangers of Leaving Your Pet in a Parked Car

    With the summer months upon us, pet travel is at it's height and it's time for a reminder about the dangers of leaving your pet in a parked car. Whether you're parking in the shade, just running into the store, or leaving the windows cracked, it is still NOT ok to leave your pet in a parked car. 

  • Grooming

    Airedales Need Grooming

    Anyone who has owned an Airedale knows that they need to be groomed on a regular basis. This should include brushing several times a week to remove dead hair and undercoat and a haircut or stripping at least four times a year or more. Most people use their favorite groomer to handle haircuts. However, if you are interested in grooming yourself, we have put together some notes from a grooming seminar given by an ATRA supporter. Remember this is only one way to do it and there may be variations from groomer to groomer.

    Grooming Tips

  • How to Surrender an Airedale

    My circumstances have changed and I can no longer keep my Airedale. Can ATRA help me?

    Yes. Our mission is to find is to find forever homes for dogs such as yours.

    What will happen to my dog after I surrender him/her to ATRA?

    The dog will be given a thorough health check, receive any necessary immunizations, and will be spayed or neutered if that has not already been done. Then the dog usually is placed in a foster home so we can see what sort of home will be right for this individual dog.

  • Train Me or Train Me Not: That is the Question

    Written by Penny Stewart

    Let's take a quick look at it from the dogs point of view.  I've just moved into this neat house.  The humans are friendly and try to be kind, but some of this stuff is really confusing.  I hear "down", next it is "get down".  I'm trying my best to please them but I don't know what those words mean.  Louder does not make it any easier to understand.  Then they get angry and I don't know what they want me to do.

  • Is an Airedale Right for You?

    Read about:
    Airedale personality
    Airedales are not for the faint at heart
    Allergies and shedding
    An Airedale’s reputation
    Lovable traits / Common objections

  • Sit! Stay! Learn!

    We have started an ATRA newsletter column entitled Sit! Stay! Learn! to help our readers information related to dog behavior that may help them better understand their Airedale.  We thought it was only appropriate to include these articles here for our Web site visitors along with other behavior articles written by our supporters.