14 yr old Mandy found a Foster Home!

Mandy a 14 yr old girl recently came into rescue in MN.  She is a beautiful old gal that lived in very unfortunate circumstances for much too long.  It appeared and smelled like she had not been groomed or bathed in years and her nails had begun to curl under.  She was a mess with dreadlocks. That is all behind her now. She is in rescue.  After a bath and grooming she had her first vet visit since 2009. The majority of checkup and her blood work is good which is great news.  She has arthritis in her hips and spondylitis in her lower back. She has some gum disease
too.   Mandy has been a guest at the kennel since she joined ATRA.

Good news!  Two of our volunteers heard about Mandy and felt that this mature lady deserved a real home so stepped up to foster her.  Mandy is being shown the ropes by the resident Airedale.