Meet Alvin.  He came in 9-22-2012.  He was a mess.  Dreadlocks on his face and his feet.  His previous owner said he doesn't like his feet touched.  I have been touching his feet. Not his favorite thing but he lets me touch them.   He has neurological problem with his back leg.  He does not always flip his foot up and will sometimes stand on it turned under.   He lets me tape his back foot to help keep it from turning over.  He is very gentle and loving.  He leans into me and loves being petted.


Xrays show that Alvin had been in an accident and his pelvis was broken and hip bone was shoved inward.  Nothing was done at the time and the pelvis is healed, but Alvin needed surgery to keep the hip bone from grinding away in the socket.  No wonder he knuckles under; the nerve was damaged.