Transport Coordinator/Transport Assistant

Rescued Airedales are moved for several reasons. The most common is to get rescues to their approved forever homes, but they are also to move them into a foster home from a shelter or owner surrender and sometimes they are moved between foster homes. No matter what the reason, animal rescue transports play a vital role in assisting our Airedales to get to freedom and a new life. Saving the Airedales is a team effort, and when we work together, miracles can happen!

Transport Coordinators plan, arrange and coordinate transports of Airedale to their destinations. Map out routes from the dogs location to their destination. The transport routes are broken down into "legs", which are intervals of about 60-90 miles in length, one way. Transporters drive their legs, then hand off the animals to the next driver(s) at the next interval, in relay style, until the destination is reached. If the run is late or something goes awry, there is a monitor on call all day to assist. Sometimes, furkids are over-nighted and then continue their journey the next day.

Requests for transports are submitted by the State Coordinators using a request form. Mapping software provided by ATRA is used to map out routes between the transport starting point and destination with "legs", which are intervals of about 60-90 miles in length, one way. The next step is to find drivers for each of the legs.  A preliminary runsheet which contains the passenger's picture and bio from the ATRA website and a list of the legs and an approximate schedule and meeting locations are sent to a list of volunteers that are approved to drive for ATRA.  We keep a list of available volunteers and call or email them to see who can help with specific transports.   Match volunteers to legs and determine meeting places and times. Obtain cell phone numbers, and car descriptions.  Once all of the legs are filled a final run sheet which includes the cell phone numbers and driver's car descriptions is published in advance to everyone concerned.   On the day of the transport, the Transport Director may monitor or delegate someone else to monitor hand offs between legs to make sure they are on schedule and communication to the drivers so they can make adjustments to meeting times if needed.   At the end of the month you will write up recap of the monthly transports and list the volunteers that drove for the newsletter.

Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Planning and scheduling transports to move Airedales to their final destinations
  • Mapping routes and scheduling drivers to get Airedales to their final destination
  • Must identify and contact potential transporters by email and phone to coordinate the transfer
  • Arrange meeting times, safe meeting locations and obtain phone numbers,
  • Monitoring transport
  • Prioritize multiple transports and follow-up as required.
  • Work with Transport Director organizing and prioritizing transportation activities.
  • Create communication to recruit volunteer drivers
  • Developing transportation relationships.
  • Using common office computer software and Microsoft Mapping software.

Position requires:

  • Strong interpersonal skills to handle sensitive and confidential situations. 
  • Must be a team player, personable, professional, upbeat, and energetic, takes initiative, uses tact and diplomacy
  • Prioritizing work; coordinate several activities, and follow-up as required.
  • Ability to work independently and with a team.
  • Email computer skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word and Excel.
  • Experience with Microsoft Mapping software is a plus but training is available.
  • Accurate, appropriate, clear and concise written and verbal communication skills.
  • Must be able to work on weekends.
  • Strong organizational skills. 

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