Online Auction Update

April 4th, 2021

ATRA’s March 17- 21 online auction was a howling success because of YOU~  our Faithful & Always Loyal supporters.  The auction was held to honor Jeni McAllister, a Canadian artist and Airedale lover/supporter  (who  passed away last fall) and to raise funds for a Rescue Airedale named Jojo; who has had extensive medical issues and expenses.  This recent ATRA auction raised $14,016 - between the online auction winnings and all of the monetary donations. 

Endless appreciation to June Haas for coordinating the auction on Facebook and taking countless hours to record all  winners. She kept thorough accounts of the auction winners, a running total for the items, compiled the balances for each winner and maintained frequent updates to the auction winners.  

Thank you Susan Long for creating and distributing the event e-mails to all of our ATRA volunteer, ensuring that the auction listing was conveniently available for viewing and the unlimited other vital details contained within the ATRA  website.  

Huge thanks to Barb Oimas & Trudy Greco for pursuing donations, taking pictures then listing items online, plus mailing  a large volumes of items won in the auction to their anxiously awaiting winners. 

No auction can take place without the talented help of our Treasurer, Alison Lang.  Alison takes in the payments, processes them and records them  She then sends a daily list of paid winners on to June, so she can notify the donors of who to ship to.  Alison does awesome job and makes it all go so smoothly.  Thank You!

This auction, like all those in the past,  was such a joy to watch as this event progressed and we were each awe-inspired to learn of the final amounts raised for the benefit of these Rescue puppies.  

May God bless all of those that supported us during this event and the countless others that empower ATRA’s efforts the rest of the time.