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My name is Phebee, and I am a 2-year-old fun and playful Airedale and I weigh about 55 lbs.  I have long legs and can run in the yard like the wind! I even can show you how to get under your fence if you have gaps at the bottom, but my friend has a wooden fence and I can’t find any way under that one!

My foster Mom says I am so smart, and really affectionate.  I love my Airedale sister, and we have another 2year old that lives at my foster house that I only tolerate because she is kind of a pain and always steals my toys.  

I am working at walking nicely on a leash, but need more practice.  I also get corrected a lot for putting my paws on the counter to see what I can find that would taste good, but my Mom is trying to help me learn to stay out of the kitchen.

I am crate trained.  Sometimes I even open the crate from the inside and wriggle out so I can sit in my bed.  I love to snuggle in my Mom’s bed, and I follow her everywhere in the house.  She says she wishes I could do the laundry,  But I think she is kidding!

I love being close to my foster Mom and Airedale sister and I hope you could be my forever family!  

Love, Phoebe Airedale

  • No kids
  • Wood fence
  • Airedale experience

You must be an APPROVED ATRA home.  Check with your state coordinator to see if you are a fit for sweet Phebee