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41 lbs
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Look at this cutie.  Hudson is a young boy that has had a hard life so far.  He was having pain when opening his mouth and his owners vet diagnosed him and was treating him for Masticatory Myositis (sometimes called lock jaw).  It is an autoimmune disease and the treatment is an immune-suppressive dose of corticosteroid medication -- usually prednisone -- given over a period of months.  The problem is they were giving him a dose of prednisone for a 100 lb dog and even worse he did not have Masticatory Myositis. X-rays showed he had a broken jaw which has healed so that he cannot open his mouth very far.  Who knows how he got it.  

Hudson deserves someone to love him.  He is a naughty typical youngster with only home schooling. He is crate trained and knows sit, lay, wait, leave it, and a few tricks. He needs obedience training.  

He is a busy boy. He counter surfs, table surfs, coffee table surfs and floor surfs. His foster dad said, "you cannot leave anything within reach of his mouth, scent or eyesight, edible or not and I do mean it.   I have blocked access to the kitchen and now keep all bathroom, bedroom, porch, and closet doors closed. Even though his jaw problem prevents him from destroying some things he has already destroyed or chewed on many things." He need to be on a leash attached to your waist so he will stay with you and you can help him understand what he can and cannot do. 

He has some food allergies, so we are feeding him raw frozen beef and he does great with that. 

He is however very loving, affectionate and fun and he deserves  a good home with a fenced yard.  He is extremely inquisitive from bugs to birds, rabbits, squirrels and deer.  In fact if it moves or doesn't move he takes a keen interest including this morning with an overhead airplane !

He needs a loving safe and patient owner to deal with shenanigans and give him the obedience training he needs. If you think you can give Hudson a place to thrive email me.  A fenced yard is required.

You must be an approved home to be concidered for adoption.  Here is the link to apply: