5 years 4 months
60 lbs
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Stephanie Callahan -
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My name is Frankie.  Yes, I am a GIRL!  Don't let my name fool you.  The pink collar should give it away.  My foster mom thinks I am the sweetest, best behaved airedale she has ever met.  She says I made myself right at home the moment I walked in her house.  She means this in a good way.  There were lots of toys ready for me to play with.  And I played with everyone of them as I am not too particular.  I'll even bring them back to my foster mom for another throw.  I knew how to "sit" before I arrived.  Within the first two days, she taught me "down".  Pretty smart!  Sometimes my foster mom has to tell me "no."  It's a familiar word and I know immediately that I need to stop what I am doing.  Like bark at the neighbors dog, sit on the couch, or surf the kitchen counters.  You know, what most airedales try to get away with.  Car rides are my favorite.  I hop right in the back seat and look out the window at all the pretty things. 

I also like to go for a walks.  Most of the time I like to know that my foster mom is pretty close, but once in a while I'll tug a bit to sniff things.  I love people, but not small dogs and cats. No dog parks for me. 

She does well in a crate, likes to ride in a car, will run if given the opportunity, and owns the house. She will get on couches, etc. Sounds like an Airedale that needs training and a lot of attention."

Fankie's forever home must have a fenced yard with a door that opens directly into the yard.

To Adopt: You have to have filled out an application and been approved.  We are not doing transports at this time so you would also  need to be able to pick her up.