Dixie from Missouri

Ready for Adoption
3 years 11 months
72 lbs
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Kathy Kitchen Email kathrynsk@centurytel.net
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Cat ok?: 

Miss Dixie is a sweet 3-year old girl who just leaps with excitement! She is 75 lbs, spayed, and listens well for an Airedale.  She has  manners, but gets so excited that she forgets what she has learned!  

Dixie still needs work at proper meet and greet with other dogs, even other Airedales.  She will need training to keep reinforcing the best way to meet other dogs.  She jumps on you with excitement,  but when firmly reminded of her manners she sits to show you how good a girl she can be.

Dixie needs a home with an experienced Airedale parent(s) and no small children because she is a big girl and could run right over littles!  She loved to hear that she is a good girl, so positive reinforcement will reap great rewards!  

she is all Airedale and is a joy to have in your home.

.no small/young children

she needs a fence yard