Ready for Adoption
3 years 6 months
60 lbs

Reasons for Rehome : Hello, we have a black lab airdale mix we rescued almost 3 years ago he was only 11 months and had already been to 5 homes. Things where difficult from the start when we first went on walk and realized he was big dog aggressive. Things have got worse and have not been working out well, we know he’s a teenager, and it’s the personality of the ever energetic Airedale but I have 3 children in my household, and the adverse event keeps happening.                            

So, we invested in a 6-week training program at Colorado dog academy. Biggles is still crazy, but with new tricks, we were sincerely hoping that it would be enough, and we could work with him but it been over a month, and he seems to have gotten worse has started marking in the house and stealing food from my children's hands and yesterday scratched the neighbor's dog nose though a hole in the fence.  The training academy was our last try as it was all of our savings. We already have concerns about his behavior but yesterday also he growled at our 3 year old as she walked around the corner, we think it’s because she had a back pack on we know he is uneasy with hats or things behind people’s backs but as parents we have to ensure their  safety and he needs to go to a home with older or no children.
Biggles is 3.5 years old, neutered fully vaccinated the dog. He is very friendly with us but cautious when meeting new people. Although he lives with another dog in my home and occasionally has 2 other dogs come to stay, I do not trust him around dogs he’s ok with some launches at others. He has never been in a dog fight or bitten a dog under our ownership we try our best to maintain control. My husband and I have had to be very careful walking him due to people not leashing their Dogs! Bigglesworth likes to unpredictably launch and we feel this happens only with me or my husband as the dog training academy said he had no problems.  Also, hates hats!
He Has Nipped me in the butt twice, these were similar events where I was playing with my children, and he got a little too excited ( these where my fault as I should of removed him from the situation he did not break skin just bruised)  He does get too excited around children,  and has knocked them over, pulled them by there clothes and scratched them with his teeth (not biting just mouthy) which means he spends a lot of time crated, which is why I request he does not get a home with small children, or to people who are not steady on their legs and no dog parks.                      

With all these problems we where ok but due to having to move from the hiking heaven of Colorado Springs to the inner city of Los Angeles there is no way I can trust him to behave. And I wish for him to have a better situation instead of needing to be crated most of the time.   Biggles is a loving, loyal, affectionate dog who has helped me keep my kids and my home safe while my husband is away for 6 months out of a year.    

Please help me find him a better situation than spending his teens on a cage not trusted.