6 years 9 months
59 lbs
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Marsha Roush - 937-477-5725 -
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Bella is a lovely young lady who lost her previous home due to a young toddler bothering her and Bella didn’t care for it.  Bella started bullying the youngster, although she got along great with their teenage son and parents.  Her former Dad did say the toddler was clingy and “in your face” with Bella.  Bella ended up spending more and more time in the crate with the toddler becoming more mobile.  Bella is spayed, up-to-date on all of her shots, and on heart worm and flea preventatives.  She is spending time with our trainer as she was not walking well on the leash and jumping on folks.  The trainer has found her extremely intelligent and is catching on quickly to her training.  She will sit, lay, stay, come, and leave it, but will need continued reinforcement as she has only been with the trainer for two weeks.  Bella has been in their play group everyday and gets along fine with larger dogs, but not so much smaller dogs and no cats.  In fact she focuses more on the humans in the play area or sniffing around than playing with the other pooches.  The groomer said she was a real sweetheart to work with.  She is housebroken and eats about anything put in front of her.  
Bella would love to have a new home to call her own.  The less time she has to spend in the crate, the better.  And an above ground fence would be a plus.  
Please contact me if you would like more information on Bella.