Ready for Adoption
2 years 8 months
69 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Kathy Kitchen
email: cell 314-401-6714
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

Alfie is 2 ½ year old male Airedale who weighs 69.5lbs

He a typical young Airedale, very playful, very full of energy and mischief. He is affectionate, a big loveable lug who likes to cuddle.

 Alfie is house and crate trained. He can be rambunctious when first released from his crate. He is so excited to see you he wiggles and jumps all over you.

He gets along well with the young foster female Airedale who likes to play, but not so much with the older boy, who doesn’t want to play. But Alfie keeps trying to win him over! 

He needs a fenced yard to run and play. He does well when walking on a leash for being young. 

He knows and is responsive to basic commands, sit, stay, down, NO.

He can be food protective when he thinks you are taking the food away from him. So no small children in the home. Older Airedale experience kids could be ok.

He is currently finishing his Heart Worm treatment. He will be ready to move to his new family in about a month. So if you are an approved ATRA home get in touch with me