Mark your calendars for March 17th for ATRA’s online auction!!

February 11th, 2021

Mark your calendars for March 17 for ATRA’s online auction!!

The auction will be in memory of Jeni McAllister and her love of Airedales, plus it will help with Jojo, the Airedale's vet bills.  

For those of you who might not have known Jeni, she was a very generous, talented person who loved Airedales and blessed them with her wonderful talents.  Jeni was a longtime volunteer of ATRA and a great dog mom.   She was a Canadian artist who made beautiful leaded stain glass, awesome pottery, unique stepping stones and great etched wooden items that were in great demand.  She always had new creative Airedale items for everyone at our auctions.  All of these items brought in much needed funds for our special need Airedales vet bills and all incoming rescues...

Jojo came in to rescue as a 4 month old puppy last November with the name of Miss Gimpy, which we changed to Jojo, which fits her.   She had a very difficult birth and the owner/breeder's vet told her to euthanize Jojo, or call Rescue. He stated that the legs did not have knees or they were in backwards.  The next vet suggested amputating her rear legs and fit her in a wheelchair.  We needed another opinion and so she went through more tests, X-rays and ATRA was told there might be something that could be done to help her.   We needed to do all we can for this sweet loving little girl.  So Jojo recently went to the UW Madison Vet School.  The doctors determined Jojo has bilateral quadriceps contracture.  This is a muscular contracture and adherence to the bone.  The muscles become taut and resulting in hind limb hyperextension.  Her stifle and tarsal joints remain fixed in place and this does not allow normal use or movement. She does not appear to be in pain.   Unfortunately, quadriceps contracture has a poor prognosis for return to normal function.  There is no recommended surgical option that will fix the contracture or increase the range of motion in her stifles or tarsi.   

We are asking for your support to help by donating items, does not have to be Airedale items, or dog items, can be household, etc.  Of course we ask you to follow the auction and bid to help raise funds needed to help Jojo with all her medical bills.  Do it in memory of Jeni, who would do whatever she could to help an Airedale.

The auction will start on our Facebook page Wed, March 17th at 9:00 AM  (central)  and end Sun March 21st at 4:00 PM  (central)   You can post your own items on line by going to ATRA's Facebook page and add a picture and description.  Please remember to mention who is paying the shipping on the item, ~ you or the winner.   If you want donations can be sent to Trudy Greco or Barb Oimas. We will gladly list them for you.  June Haas will be coordinating the auction on Face book...Thank You June!!  If you have any questions, please contact Trudy Greco or Barb Oimas 

Please spread the word so we can help Jojo and honor Jeni McAllister's memory.  We look forward to your participation to make this a very successful auction!!