Paxton Found a Forever Home

Well, the time has come for us to make the decision!

We took Paxton to the groomer today, and he looks absolutely stunning:  The groomers were impressed with his docile behavior at the grooming table, and he was very good during the bathing as well.  We weren't sure what to expect since other animals would be present and he would again be out-of-his-element.  It went so well we assumed he must have gone through regular grooming with his former owners.  Then we took him for an update on his rabies which was due to expire on the 29th of September.  We also took care of the DHLPP which had no "next due" date  There were numerous other dogs and cats in the waiting area at the vet, and Paxton was truly perfect even when a 185-pound English Mastiff came into the area!  There was a cat in a canvas kennel, and Paxton had sniffed but seemed uninterested.  By the way, we did not expose him to our friend's cat(s) and do not yet know what his reaction will be to them, but we are certainly encouraged.

His behavior at home is quite good.  We continue with early morning walks of one or two miles, and he seems comfortable with the routine.  During the day he makes himself at home, and we have left him with the run of the house when we go.  He has taken to plopping himself on the couch, which our former dogs were allowed to do, and at night he has been known to jump up on the bed sometime toward early morning.  Again, we are not opposed to this as he seems more and more bonded to us.
So, I guess what we are saying is that it is probably time to complete the paperwork on the adoption.  We feel extremely fortunate to have found Paxton, and we are grateful to you and ATRA for your efforts.  We promise Paxton will have a good life with us.

Thank you so much Stephanie for what you do for airedales and specifically Paxton - and us!
Fred & Glen