Annie II (AKA Reina) and Joan Find Each Other- “I need her as much as she needs me”.

Sometimes things are just meant to happen.  So it was, with Annie II coming to live with me all the way from KY to MN.  My husband, Randy, introduced me to Airedales within weeks of our marriage, and during our 40 years together we raised three Airedales from pups, and adopted two seniors from ATRA.  Sadly, our Annie died in December, and in May, my dear Randy died, after a very long illness.  It was so quiet and empty here—until the phone rang. 

Out of the blue, Stephanie Callahan called to tell me Reina’s sad story (rescued from animal hoarder, over-bred, and she didn’t even have a name).  In addition, she had just had a 2 ½ pound cancerous tumor removed from her breast.  It took me 30 seconds to say, “Yes, she’s my girl!”  Thanks to the wonderful transportation angels, she came to me May 21, after a very long day of rides.  When I learned that she had only been named Reina for a few weeks, I decided to change her name.  I figured I’d forget and call her Annie (our most recent Airedale) anyway, so why fight it!  At the vet she is known as Annie II. 

It’s taken us a little while to get to know each other, and to be able walk well together.  She weights over 70 pounds, and quite frankly I was terrified to walk her when she first arrived.  After a couple weeks of obedience training, she is now a dream on a leash, and we take multiple walks a day.   I plan to continue her obedience training, so she can become a therapy dog.  When my husband was in hospice, there was a three-month waiting list for a doggie visit, and I think Annie would be a great visitor. 

Thank you to ATRA and Stephanie Callahan for bringing this dear girl to me, to help me through my grief, and to help her recover.