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2 years 5 months
62 lbs
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kathy kitchen
email: cell 314-401-6714
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Hi, My name is Bill and I am about 24 months old. 

I was found as a stray running fancy free and didn't have a home. I think I will love having a home and someone to love me every day!!

After I was found, Kathy took me into ATRA and I met Sharon, an excellent trainer.  She spent 15 mins just getting a martingale collar on me.  I never had one of those before!  It felt funny!   Sharon said she needed to work with me first before she could evaluate me. Woo hoo!  Someone to play with!  I love being with people, and she taught me a lot--- how to sit, do down, come-- and she gave me treats, too!  Treats!! I love treats!

Sharon says I am high energy, mouthy, not aggressive unless food or treats are around.  Everyone says I need to learn that I will get food, and I don't have to worry that I will be left out of mealtime or treats.   Some of the ATRA volunteers have come to visit me at the kennel and it is so fun to play, and especially to take walks.   I walk well on a leash, most of the time.  I am still very young, and so sometimes I forget and want to leap and tug.  I got to spend time in Kathy's backyard and at her house with her Airedales, who look just like me!!, and I was a good boy.  I also spent the night with another volunteer and slept like a baby.  But everyone says I need to learn more, and need consistent, positive training. "Boundaries for Bill"  is what they think I need.  

I have been chipped and vetted, and everyone says I am really handsome. Will you be my family??!  

Kathy: Bill has really settled down since He came into ATRA.  He is a fast learner. I had him evaluated and Sharon said he has lots of energy, is mouthy but not aggressive. He will need a person who not only does classes with him but has the time to spend working with him. He needs the training to be fun and very consistent.  He needs to have structure and boundaries. He is fun and a very sweet baby boy who just loves attention and kindness!

Bill needs a fenced yard, probably no kids right now, an active person who can walk him a couple times a day, an experience Airedale person who isn't going to be gone for long period of times, and who can commit to working with him to be the best Airedale he can be. He is not reactive to other dogs, just wants to play.  When food or treats are around, however, he growls a deep growl and gets snappy when another dog is in the room, so crate feeding in a separate room would be needed until he realizes he will not have to compete for something to eat and learns that not all food belongs to him. He now lays down when i eat. He is very gentle and respectfull with my girls

Bill is a silly, funny, sweet young boy who will be a wonderful Airedale with the right person to show him his potential!