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2 years 3 months
62 lbs
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Hi, My name is Bill. I am 2yrs old .

I was running fancy free and doing what I wanted. I thought life was great! I was Wild Bill Airedale!

Then Kathy took me into ATRA and I meet Sharon! Sharon spent 15 mins just getting a martingale collar on me. Boy did I have fun with her!! She was tried and I was just getting started! Ride them cowboy! Whoopee! Sharon called Kathy and said she needed to work with me first before she could evaluate me. I though woo hoo someone to play with!

Miss Sharon and I have spent time together. We are both better for the time spent together! Miss Sharon enjoyed having me around and I learned so many things- sit, down, come. Everyone just calls me Bill now!

Sharon says I am high energy, Mouthy, not aggressive. Still needs to learn manners! I need lots of positive training! For me it needs to be fun training.

Now I have learned the people in my life have R-U-L-E-S. Oh boy what have I gotten myself into!

Kathy took me to get chipped and some shots. Well she put me in a crate in the car and I looked at her like- Really! She said yes I have to ride in a crate, its the rule. Then I saw a dog and barked and jumped around and Kathy said to me NO. I looked at her and said RULE? Trash No, Rule, Counter NO, RULE!

Now I do not like to be held still. I needed shots so Doc Carol pinned me in the corner with Kathy throwing treats in the corner. Kathy told me to hold still. I looked around their leg at Kathy and said ,I know “its a R-U-L-E!” I am starting to like these RULES! They come with treats!

Kathy and I were working on my commands. We were working on leave it. So as I was leaving the treat, I decide to lie down! Hard command for me so Kathy said good down! So the next time she said leave it I did a lay down! HEHE.

Kathy: Bill has really settled down since I got him. He is a fast learner. I had him evaluated and she said he has lots of energy. He is mouthy but not aggressive. He will need a person who not only does classes with him but has the time to spend working with him. He needs the training to be fun. He needs to have structure and bounties. He is fun and a sweet boy!

He needs a fenced yard, no kids, an active person who can walk him a couple of times a day, an experience Airedale person, a person who isn't going to be gone for long period of times, and a person who can commit to working with him to be the best Airedale he can be. We are evaluating if he is reactive to other dogs or wheather he just doesn't have a nice meet and greet! He is fine with other dogs just has a wild meet and greet that other dogs may not be able to understand.

he is funny and sweet,

If you are interested in Bill and can meet his needs give me a call.

Kathy 314-401-6714 or email