Newsletter Editor needed

December 23rd, 2019



Our wonderful newsletter editor Nancy Raufman, has decided it is time to hang up her computer and pen.  So the Airedales are in need of a new editor to sing their praises in the form of a monthly newsletter.  Our newsletter covers a vast area that includes 13 midwestern states as well as Ontario Canada.


*Articles are submitted by volunteers every month by the 20th.

*Items are sent via the database and email.

*Pictures and articles are then downloaded and organized into a

   Pdf draft format which is emailed to several volunteers who help

   Proof the newsletter.  Those volunteers email comments and changes to the editor who then makes the changes and the final edition.

*The editor then sends the final copy to the drop box where the green edition coordinator emails the green edition.  The higher resolution pdf is then created and uploaded to the printer’s FTP site in Michigan.


Necessary to this job is:

            -Availability of internet service

            -Design knowledge and ability to use software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

            -Familiarity with formats for photos and files, pdfs, jpg, eps, etc.  Ability to process a photo in terms of size, color correction, CMYK4 color format

            -Understanding of Drop Boxes and FTP sites.

            -Maintaining a proper size for photos and designs to keep the overall resolution to a reasonable size for uploading and print values.

            -Ownership understanding for copyright, plagiarism, watermarks, etc. 

            -Tasteful use of jokes, cartoons to avoid imprudent or vulgar nonsense.

            -Organizing and archiving photos and original copies of the newsletter on some form of back up.

            -The possibilities of Indesign are nearly limitless and would take the newsletter to another level.  For example, using links and

Movement for the green edition.

            -Strong communication skills with Board Members, State Coordinators and many other volunteers.

            -The pay is priceless.  Promoting Airedales and seeing the happy faces of family members and knowing you are helping find an Airedale a new loving home.

            -Love of dogs especially Airedales is a plus of course. Please contact Paula Lackner at 715-584-5961 or