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April 7th, 2017

Chloe a sweet, 1 year old, female came into rescue weighing 115 lbs and limping. Chloe's right knee (patella) was dislocating, popping in and out of the groove it should be following.  She has extremely bowed legs which is causing the misalignment of the knee.  As a result her knees pop out of joint and it is very painful. 

Chloe when she came inBecause the leg hurt, she was putting all her weight on the other and the knee and now that leg has started dislocating.

Chloe is in a lot of pain needs surgery to realign her knees so they are tracking correctly and not causing pain.  

The right leg which is the worst, will be done first.  Her recovery will not be easy.  For the first two weeks, she will need to be kept quiet and walking will be limited to only potty breaks.  This poor girl, even with the pain, is as sweet as can be... kisses and tail wagging all the time.  Please donate to help pay for Chloe's surgerys.


Here is the link:



Here are Chloe's xrays.