Chloe update

May 21st, 2017

In case you missed the previous story, Chloe the sweet, 1 year old, female came into rescue weighing 115 lbs and limping. Chloe's right knee (patella) was dislocating, popping in and out of the groove it should be following.  She has extremely bowed legs which is causing the misalignment of the knee.  As a result her knees pop out of joint and it is very painful. 

5/21/2017 Update-Chloe had the first surgery and will soon be scheduled for the second. The total bill will be about $3,000.  

Thanks to generous donators, so far, we have $995 towards her care.  

If you would like to donate to help pay for Chloe's surgerys, here is the link:

Chloe is such a sweetie and having a hard time being quiet to heal.  She has lost 15 lbs!  It is much easier on her joints with less weight.   She is a typical youngster and wants attention and needs exercise to burn off her energy, so quiet is not something that comes easily.  She is doing much better on the leg that is fixed.