State Coordinator

Coordinators are the backbone and public face of ATRA.  They have significant responsibilities for acting as a liaison between volunteers, kennels, vets and adoptors in their state, coordinators in other states, stakeholders and information sources, as well as, Airedale welfare. Professional and ethical behavior is expected in all internal and external interactions. They must carry out all activities with the understanding that they are doing so as an ATRA representative.  Some of our coordinators have been volunteering for years and some for a very short time. There are guidelines and procedures to help you understand the expectations and give you guidance for meeting them. 

It has always been ATRA’s goal to have more than one coordinator in each state. In some cases, one coordinator may be able to handle all aspects of rescue. However, with the large areas and many responsiblities, it makes sense to rely on the help of other volunteers. In some states with multiple coordinators, the state is divided into sections and each coordinator handles the entire job of coordinator in their portion of the state. In other states, one coordinator might handle applications or paperwork while another handles the dogs or recruiting volunteers. As a team, you should decide the best way to work together with all of the other volunteers  in your state. Remember, there is no I in team.

While the Coordinator has responsibility for many tasks, help is available. ATRA has a database of volunteer information, you can use it to find volunteers in your area to whom you can delegate tasks.

For this position you will also need to have a current completed ATRA Adoption and Foster Application, so if you have not completed one recently you can do so by clicking this link:

Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • providing a positive leadership presence to volunteers and the public
  • arange care for incoming Airedales
  • record Airedale intake new Airedale information in the database and with the Census Coordinator
  • publish Airedales for adoption on the website
  • review adoption applications, set up home visits and call references for potiential adopters
  • approve good Airedale homes and work with them and other volunteers to find the right Airedale
  • respond to questions from adoptors and volunteers through emails and phone calls
  • coordination of ATRA volunteers, welcoming new volunteers, nurturing and providing growth opportunities for volunteers
  • networking with other non-profit volunteer coordinators to build ATRA's volunteer base/ best practices
  • provide recommendations volunteer appreciation/ recognition
  • attendance at monthly ATRA online meetings - report on: number of dog in care, approved homes, challenges, successes, and share ideas for improvement of current processes
  • communicating & solicitation of support for volunteer opportunities via email, social media, and at events
  • promptly report concerns to ATRA board and maintaining open communication
  • Must be 18+ and have a valid drivers license
  • Ability to work courteously and cooperatively with all members of ATRA and the public
  • Work as a team player, supporting the overall goals of the organization
  • Strong interpersonal skills - outgoing, patient, professional, and able to get along well with a variety of people
  • Access to Internet at least 1-2 times a day
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks under sometimes tight deadlines
  • Maturity, good judgement and a professional personal appearance
  • Ability to show compassion and empathize with the foster families
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Windows and office
  • Familiar with using mail software
  • Ability to take initiative and work with minimal direction at times
  • Well organized
  • Respect for all people and animals
  • Demonstrate affection for animals and concern for their welfare
  • Ability to handle stressful or awkward situations with new fosters or ATRA volunteers

To apply for this position, please fill out this online job application.

Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Wisconsin