Facebook Auction November 4 ~ November 7

Airedale Lovers Alert~ Covid has  caused  ATRA to take a back seat to the live auction  planned for November,  we are   however excited to announce  ATRA’S Facebook Online Auction taking place  November 4 ( 10:00 AM) through November 7 (8:00pm EST) . There will be  many exciting items donated by long time Airedale  supporter Patty Eisenbraun  from her extensive collection.  Jill Springborn also made a large donation  of Airedale items that are  quite impressive too.   

We are looking to you, our supporters, for donations as well. They  do not have to be Airedale related and this will be a great time to do Christmas shopping and help ATRA's Fur Kids. Please keep in mind the cost of shipping when donating.

Further information will be posted on  ATRA’s Facebook page and website pertaining to when auction  listings can be posted  for a “sneak peak”. We are asking each winner to send  payment  to ATRA ‘s treasurer, Alison Lang,  by November 17 using  PayPal,  Money Order or Bank check please.

We appreciate and look forward to your donations and participation.

Questions? Please contact Trudy Greco: boundertrudy@gmail.com 740.695.3203 or  740.310.4255    

or Barb Oimas: ATRAdales@yahoo.com  989.837.5855 or 989.430.4687


Thursday, November 4, 2021 - 10:00am to Sunday, November 7, 2021 - 8:00pm
on ATRA Facebook page
Contact for Information: 
Trudy Greco: boundertrudy@gmail.com 740.695.3203 or 740.310.4255 or Barb Oimas: ATRAdales@yahoo.com 989.837.5855 or 989.430.4687