Yogi (Blueberry Yogurt)

Adoption Pending
1 year 6 months
67 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Kathy Kitchen
email: kathrynsk@centurytel.net
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

 My name is Yogi.  I am just 1 year old, and weigh 67 pounds.  My foster Mom says I am a really sweet boy who loves to shake, and I love to cuddle and sleep with her.  She calls me her couch potato!  I know how to sit for treats and even wait my turn while my three sisters get treats.  I am a gentleman, sometimes.  But since I'm only 1, I am still a rough and tumble boy who runs, and plays with my big sister.  Sometimes we escape from my Mom's yard, but I usually don't want to leave, I just am having fun with my sister!  So I guess my Mom wants you to have a very secure fence so I don't get out.  At first when we walk on leash, I get so excited my puppy energy appears, but then I settle and like walking.  I know how to counter surf, and usually follow my Mom everywhere she goes in the house, like a shadow, but that's because I love her!  My sister is Winnie, and I sure hope we can stay together in a forever home!  We love each other!  I hope you can be my forever family!  Love, Yogi

If you are interested you will need to be an approved ATRA home and have a very secure fence.