Ready for Adoption
1 year 4 months
60 lbs
Contact for more information : 
kathy kitchen
email: kathrynsk@centurytel.net
Cat ok?: 

Yadi is a sweet 13 month handsome boy! He is all Airedale puppy. He is funny and will make you laugh. He has learned a few commands- down, sit, lay, leave it. sometimes shake and loves to come when called. He is potty trained. He loves walks and will walk right next to you on leash. He likes to touch while you’re walking- The city life is scary!

He has found toys and likes to take the stuffing out. He likes to go shopping for your shoes. He will bring them to you if you ask him.  No problem he just goes and gets another shoe. He can share!  He is a busy boy!

He does very well with my girls. He is very respectful of them. But he is  clumsily and sometimes bumps them. He is always so very sorry when that happens!! I don’t know about males, but no small dogs or cats.

He is crate trained and doesn’t mind the crate at all!

He will need a fence yard as he had been allowed to run around area and will just take off without a barrier.  He has decided he likes this living in a house!

He loves the St Louis cardinals! He has a Fred bird hat that he plays with!

You must be an approved home to be considered for adoption.  Here is the link to apply: https://www.aire-rescue.org/forms/adoption-and-foster-application