Winnifer (Winnie)

Ready for Adoption
1 year 11 months
67 lbs
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Kathy Kitchen
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My name is Winnie, and I am 1 1/2 and weigh 67 pounds.  I love my foster Mom and sisters, and cuddling sometimes.  I also love to run and have fun, and I know how to throw my little brother Yogi to the ground and put him in a headlock!  My Mom says I have an impressive wrestling skill!  I can run fast as a deer and track prey better than a beagle, so I try to escape Mom's fence when I am chasing an animal.  Then I run, run, run until I see and smell my little brother Yogi, and he helps me come home.  So my forever family will need a really secure fence so I don't follow my nose out of the yard!  I love furniture,  sleeping on the couch, in your bed, or in the chair on your lap.  I know basic commands, but sometimes just don't feel like using them.  I like walks, and start out with great energy then settle into being a great walking pal.  My brother Yogi and I are really close and love each other, so I hope we can go to the same home.  He helps me come back from my escapes, and I would return to him before anyone else right now.  Please give us a forever home!  Love, Winnie

If you are interested you will need to be an approved ATRA home and have a very secure fence. She is really good at getting out!!