Adoption Pending
4 years 4 months
51 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Barbara Oimas
ATRAdales@yahoo.com or 989 837-5855
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

These two have to be adopted together.  Will NOT be separated.
Teddy & Lexi are best friends.  They love to be together.  They do need a good size fenced in yard to play.  They are very good examples of Airedales.  They ride in the car very well.
When Lexi went to the vet,  she was friendly when she met other owners and dogs.  No issues.  She momentarily saw a cat and displayed little interest.   Teddy when he went to the vet he was also very friendly and wanting to greet the others.  When a male vet tech came into the room and approached him to fast, Teddy was very uncomfortable, but once the man left everything was fine.
When put in their crates to leave, they are quiet.  Teddy did not like being in the crate when I took Lexie out.  More jealousy than separation anxiety.  He had settled down by the time we got home.
Doing their nails with a Dremel tool Lexi was a perfect lady. Teddy had some issues but once it got started he realized it didn’t hurt, and he stopped fighting.

They are both a pleasure to have in the house.  They are gentle when drinking and eating.  They both like to stand between your legs and be petted.  Lexi is very free with her kisses.  Teddy is more reserved but shares freely. 
They are great friends and play well together all day.  They both enjoy playing keep away from one another with the toys.  If you want to adopt two great Airedales please let me know.