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12 years 6 months
20 lbs
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Paula Lackner 715-584-5961
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This is a courtesy post for a private adoption of Stella.  Stella is a Welsh Terrier who lost her home due to the death of her owner.  A friend had kept Stella for a month and then contacted me to see if we could help place Stella.  Stella has been with us for about a month now and she is finally trusting us. She will snap and bite if she does not feel things are being done on her terms.  It is obvious she was a queen in her former home.  Since she has been here the snapping has subsided and she feels more comfortable with us.  She loves her walks outside, eats well and mostly sleeps.  We would like to find a place for her where she could get more attention since Jim and I both work full time.  She also is not fond of our dogs so she is separated from our dogs which makes it difficult for Stella.  She does have health issues.  She has a grade 5 heart murmur along with many lipomas on her body.  One lipoma is behind her front left leg and may cause her problems walking if it increases.  She also needs to be taken out for potty calls about every two hours.  Her accidents in the house are less frequent now but I will not lie, they still do happen.  She will need a home with no children or other pets and someone who works part time or is retired.