Adoption Pending
12 years 6 months
70 lbs
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Mary Huntsman 606.224.9066 or
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We have two seniors who are a bonded pair. Their owner was an ATRA volunteer in Kentucky who passed away early this month, and made sure in her estate planning that they’d come to us.

Desi 19-040-KY and Scruffy 13-080-IN are bonded seniors who recently came to ATRA after their owner’s death. Both are smaller, standard-sized Airedales; they have lovely personalities, described as friendly and sweet by our trainer in Ohio, where they are currently boarding. They are good with dogs and dog-savvy children; Scruffy, 14, is more outgoing, while Desi, 9, takes a minute to warm up to new people and dogs. Scruffy has minor health issues controlled with inexpensive medication, and some arthritis. Desi is a retired show dog and in good health. No cats or small dogs.  They are genuinely loving Airedales who need a foster or forever home to call their own again soon.

photo- Scruffy on L, Desi on R: