Adoption Pending
3 years 10 months
95 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Stephanie Callahan sjcallahan@aire-rescue.com
Paula Lackner airedale@frontiernet.net
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

Meet Rags.  Rags just got into a foster home and we are learn more about her.  She will be available for adoption soon.  She is a youngster that was a little too much for her previous owner so she ended in rescue.  She weighs in at about 95 lbs but should weigh about 65 lbs.  Much to her displeasure she is on a routeen and diet to get back her girlish figure.  

She seems to be used to getting her own way but she is very food motivated so training is easy.  She has a lot of playful energy all 95 lbs of her and kisses come free.  She wants a fenced yard to play in and keep her safe.

She doesn't like to be restrained for vet procedures or grooming of her face or legs, so will need a lot of work just to get her comfortable with it.

Rags just wants to fun and loves to walk.  

Send us and email if you are interested.