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5 years 6 months
55 lbs
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Paula Lackner 715-584-5961 CampLackner@gmail.com
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Several months ago an animal shelter contacted us regarding an Airedale in need of rescue.  A person dropped off their Airedale at the shelter stating she needed to be euthanized due to a brain tumor.  For several months, Piper has undergone extensive testing and observation including a MRI and there is no evidence of a brain tumor.  Other health issues have been noted on PIper.  She does have an unusual gait and also has had trauma to her left front leg causing her to hold up her paw on a regular basis.  However she does not appear to be in any pain regarding these two health concerns. She also is very nervous in any new surroundings and it takes her time to adjust.  During this adjustment period, she may mess in the house.  We do feel another dog gives her comfort and feels more secure with one around.  She eats well, loves to go for walks and loves to play with other dogs.  She is a happy girl who needs a home with another playmate, a fenced in yard and someone who will accept her as she is.  She is an affectionate girl, has good house manners and is crate trained.  She is not real comfortable for car rides and will have accidents in the car as she becomes extremely nervous.