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4 years 10 months
70 lbs
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Please read the information below in it’s entirety!

Nala is around 70 pounds, tall, and spayed. She will be 5 in May. Nala was first surrendered to ATRA in late November. Her original owners, who she has been with since she was a puppy, welcomed a new human into their home and Nala was showing some resource guarding around food (hers and food that dropped on the floor). She nipped her original owner when she went down to grab dropped food off the floor. She didn’t break skin or leave a mark. They thought it was the best decision to rehome Nala because of the baby starting to crawl and walk.

Nala then went to an Airedale experienced foster home with an older gentleman. On a walk, she tried to eat something and the foster tried to take it from her and she bit him. This incident did break skin and the foster did visit the doctor to make sure his wound was properly cleaned and dressed.

Nala then went to a board and train for a few weeks. She was with the trainer every day and stayed at his house with him. She showed no aggression with the trainer, with his son, or in passing towards other people.

A new Airedale experienced foster home came about and Nala went home with him. Nala was in an uncomfortable situation a short time later and did bite the foster, out of fear.


Nala has been back with the same board and train for the last month, staying with the trainer at his home and cuddling on the couch. She has no issues and no aggression with them. She has made some dog friends at the facility. We do know she doesn’t enjoy overly hyper dogs.

She loves going on walks. She loves to run and is a tall like a gazelle. She is eager to please and human-centered, but is not attached at the hip. She would do extremely well in a home that is calm, consistent, and very patient. They would be willing to meet with the current trainer to learn how to work with Nala. She needs a person that is willing to give her the time she needs to adjust to her new surroundings.

When picking Nala up to transport her, she was happy to see me, gave me kisses, and wagged her tail. She was very receptive and a good listener and did not show any aggression towards me.

Please do not let her history deter you. She truly is a sweet dog and would do great in the right home for her. The trainer will work with the new owners for a couple training sessions as well. Sometimes, humans need training too.

If you are interested in Nala, please contact the Indiana coordinator, Jenna Pecenka, by email or phone.


Phone: 630-347-0343