Ready for Adoption
1 year 6 months
70 lbs
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Janice -

Murphy is a big 18 month old puppy! He was much loved by his previous family but needed more attention then his family could provide. Like all young Airedales he needs lots of exercise and mind stimulation! Murphy would do well in a home with another young dog to play with. He walks well on leash and has had some training. He likes to chew on items ( he is not discriminatory) and needs to be supervised and may dig a hole or two in your yard. He likes to fence bark at other dogs so a yard that has a fence not bordering another dog would be great! He loves doggy daycare and they love him there. Because he is so puppyish yet, Murphy should not go to a home with young children or elderly adults. In his enthusiasm, he likes to  jump especially when greeting people. He is a tall boy around 70 pounds. Murphy is ready to give lots of kisses and love to his new family!