Adoption Pending
6 years 2 months
73 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Paula Lackner 715-584-5961

 After several months of care,  Monte is finally healthy and ready to move on to his new home. He came into rescue due to the death of his owner.  Monte had stayed at several homes until he came into rescue.  He had a staph infection and an ear infection called pseudonomas.  He does have allergy issues and eats lamb and lentil food and takes Apoquel as well as a fish oil supplement. 

Some of Monte's favorite things is going for several walks a day, using his acute nose for tracking smells, playing fetch, chewing on his bones, loves his toys and watching animals on tv.  His walks are a minimum of 2 miles in the morning and 2 miles in the evening, during which he is always on alert and his nose in the air or on the ground. He is very strong and will need someone who can handle his strength. It would be best if his new home would have adults who work part time or are retired. He knows commands; sit, shake, other paw, high five, leave it and down.  He takes treats nicely, crate trained (although he prefers not to be in one), housebroken and takes his medication in his food. He loves affection, petting, hugs and kisses.  In return he is a leaner and gives kisses. He is ok with some dogs, others not so much, so he would be better off as an only dog.  Due to his size and strength, children should not be in his new home.  Cats are on his radar on our walks and not in a good way, so he probably is not good around cats.  He is good for grooming and loud noises do not seem to bother him.  

If you are an approved home, please contact me if you feel you can give Monte, also affectionately called Mr. Zooma, the home he needs.