Adoption Pending
5 years 7 months
55 lbs
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Marsha Roush, 937-477-5725,
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Maggie has lived on a tether outside in Ohio for the last 4 years and was very seldom allowed in the house.  She is a loving, sweet girl that gobbles up attention.  She loves to nuzzle and I spent time handling her feet, played with her ears, petted her all over, and she enjoyed it all.  She was groomed for the first time, and the groomer said she was very well behaved.  The kennel staff love her, and said she tries her best to keep her kennel clean, although I would not call her fully housebroken yet.  She is very rambunctious right now and acts like a puppy.  When she is in the fenced play area off leash, she runs, sniffs, and runs some more.  The trainer has included her in his dog play group, with both large and small dogs.  She plays well with the large dogs and did not pay much attention to the small Frenchie mix.  I included a video of her play time below.  The trainer is working with her right now on basic manners.  She will need continued training to walk on a leash and learn not to jump on people to say hello, but the trainer says she learns quickly and really wants to please.  Because of her activity level right now, she would probably not be suitable for young children.  Maggie is definitely ready to attach herself to a new, forever family who is willing to continue her training.  In return, you will receive years of total love and appreciation from her.

Here's a link to a short video of her playing with some other dogs: