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5 years 10 months
90 lbs
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Jan Martin (720-938-1644),
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I am almost 6 year old Redline Airedale weighing 90 lbs. I am a very strong but gentle giant. My foster parents are still getting to know me, but what they see in me is how sweet and tender I am. My preference is to have a companion who wants to do lots of things with me. I like to sit RIGHT next to you and do what you are doing. I love attention, like face rubs and belly rubs. I tend to bond more easily with men.  I know commands and listen when told NO. I am not reactive, although new noises and new objects do startle me. I observe everything to get comfortable with my surroundings. I heel when walking and don’t pull on the leash. Sometimes when a new person or something is coming towards me, I bark. Sometimes when I see something go by the windows, I bark too. If told NO, I stop.  I love to play—my favorite is crinkle toys, but I also like a good nap.  My demeanor seems to be fairly mellow.  I get along fine with other dogs, but I prefer the companionship of people.  Will you be my forever companion?