Ready for Adoption
6 years 1 week
71 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Paula Lackner CampLackner@gmail.com 715-584-5961
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 



KatyBear was also known as Bear is more like a teddy bear with older children and adults.  At 71 pounds she could be a challenging dog but she is not. KatyBear knows many commands and is very obedient.  She knows sit, stay, down, come, paw and takes treats gently.  She likes to sing, smiles when she is happy and then does spins.  She loves to be hugged and have her butt rubbed. When she gets the attention she loves to give attention back in the way of kisses.  Sometimes she gets a little carried away with giving that attention.  She is not possessive of her toys and loves to play fetch and actually brings the toy back! When she is outside she doesn't like the weed wacker or the lawn mower.  She is playful outside but calm in the house. She is crate trained, house trained, and has impeccable house manners.  When she needs to go out to potty, she rings bells at the door.  She lived with a 35 pound dog who would climb all over her when they planned, plus she lived with a CAT!   She likes some dogs, but not others so it would probably be best to have a home with a submissive dog or no other dogs.  If you feel KatyBear would be the perfect fit for you, please contact Paula Lackner.