8 years 8 months
77 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Marsha Roush at 937-477-5725 or dm3roush@earthlink.net
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

Kasey (aka Kasey-Boo or Girlfriend) came into ATRA after her original owner went into assisted living and could no longer keep her. Then her subsequent owner experienced medical problems and also could no longer keep her.  So Kasey came to us looking for a little stability in her life.  She is a good-natured girl who is trustworthy in the house, house-trained, hasn’t met a stranger, and is easy going.  She’ll need to be walked initially with a martingale or choker as she has not been walked regularly for a while.  She is a bit of an alpha girl, and can be an occasional guarder of her food, so we are looking for a home where she can be the only dog.  She loves cats.  She lived with two in each of the homes she was in, and prefers their company over other dogs.  She is currently 77 pounds, and needs to lose 5-7 pounds.  We have started her on a weight management kibble, and she would definitely benefit from getting back on a regular walking schedule.

If you’re looking for a sweet, smart Airedale that enjoys the company of cats, Kasey may be your girl.  If you’d like more information about her, please contact me.