3 years 9 months
49 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Kirsten - colorado.atra@gmail.com
Jan - martinj622@hotmail.com
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

I’m a loving 3-year old girl who until recently, spent most of my life outside.  I’ve been fostered by a wonderful couple who specialize in working with rescues on behavioral training, using only positive methods.  I’ve been doing really well however my new owners will need to continue to work with me on my growth and development.  I need a family that is very patient and understands Airedales.  Here are some more things to know about me:

I am bonded with Jake and need him in my life to feel secure.  We will be placed together.  Double the love, double the fun!

My energy level is moderate, so I require a fair amount of exercise and activity.  I’d be a great companion for weekday walks and weekend hikes. 
I’m very friendly and will greet people without hesitation. 
I’d do better in a quieter home with no children or older children. 
I am selective as to what dogs I like and get along with.  I have resource guarded in the past, so I need to be fed in my crate.  I would be best placed in a home with no other dogs but Jake—he’s my favorite.
My house manners are generally good—I don’t jump on furniture but like all young Airedales, it’s best to keep tempting items like food and trash out of reach when I’m not watched.
I load and ride well in the car and do not get carsick. 
I will pull on the leash during the start of a walk but once I’ve relaxed, I walk really well!
I’m a little too interested in cats and may give chase if the cat runs. 
I don’t jump doggie gates or fences.  Sometimes I try to push past my foster mom when she’s coming and out the door.  She’s been teaching me “Get Back” and “Stay”. 
I’ve been working on my potty training and have made a lot of progress.  My new family will need to help me to become 100% reliable. 
I’m crate trained.  At night, I enjoy sleeping in my crate right next to Jake’s. 
I rarely bark.
I’m an extremely loving and friendly dog who loves attention from my humans!
I am located in Colorado and prefer to stay here, however if my adopting family comes from out-of-state, they will need to drive here to pick me up.