3 years 4 days
62 lbs
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Francee Ender, ATRA Ontario Coordinator –

Jem is a sweet 1 year, 10 month old 62 lb boy. He is very affectionate and loves to be close to his people. 

He was just separated for the first time from his littermate brother as he tried to dominate him. He may do well with another dog but would be fine as an only dog with someone home a good part of the day. 

Even though he is not quite two he is quite calm although he does get excited when people come in the door. He tries to jump when he’s excited and foster home is working on “off”. 

He isn’t trustworthy around small children or people who want to meet him - he seems scared. He does well if adults just let him approach them and has a good sniff before they offer a hand. He walks very well on a lead although foster home recommends a harness for walking. He gets very excited when going out for a walk and foster home is trying to teach him to let them go first. Other than that he sits to wait for the door to open.

He enjoys going in the car where he likes to lie down in the back of the SUV. He was good at both the Vet and the Groomer.  Jem will keep your yard critter free and even the birds keep him active. Foster home says Jem would make anyone fall in love with him and he would be a positive addition to your home.

A fenced yard would be preferred as he loves to play with his ball but he also needs to be walked to burn off his energy.

He has lived with cats, is not crated trained but is housebroken and trustworthy in the home.

If you are an approved ATRA home & can give Jem a furever home please email: