Adoption Pending
7 years 7 months
72 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Marsha Roush, 937-477-5725, dm3roush@earthlink.net
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

Meet Jake.  Before coming to ATRA, he was used as a hunting dog and lived his entire life outside in a kennel.  It’s time for this guy to live the “good life” as part of a family inside a home.  Jake is a tall, lanky boy that walks well on the leash.  He was kept with other dogs in his prior life and was tested recently at the boarding kennel where he wanted to play with the two pooches he was introduced to.  He pays no attention to dogs barking at him when he passes their kennels going out for his walks.  He was recently neutered.  Jake is not housebroken yet but he is in an in/out kennel and he keeps the inside portion clean and waits until he has access to the outside portion of the kennel, or he goes on one of his 3 daily walks.  He would love to have a secure physical fence to run and play.  He is very loving and craves attention.  He’ll happily take treats nicely out of your hand and is very curious about everything going on in the boarding office.  
Please contact me if you are interested in giving Jake a home.  You must already be approved by your State Coordinator to be considered.  To apply, please go to our website:  https://www.aire-rescue.org/forms/adoption-and-foster-application