Ready for Adoption
5 years 3 months
60 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Gun Penhoat at panierganie@hotmail.com call 616 322-0445
Marlene Fosner at marsgang@iserv.net call 616 329-4849
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

Jackson is a sweet, smart handsome 5 - year old  who loves to walk, play ball and be with his family.  His house manners are impeccable, he knows basic commands and his groomer says he is a dream.  He walks well on a loose leash but becomes agitated when other dogs approach too close or those pesky squirrels tease him.  He is friendly with people and does well with other dogs in day care.  He is anxious in a new surrounding and is likely to over react if he feels cornered and not given the space and time he needs to acclimate and become his goofy lovable self.  He must be the only dog, no other dogs living in the house and no children.

For more information contact his foster mom,  Marlene Fosner at marsgang@iserv.net  or call 616 329-4849      Gun Penhoat at  panierganie@hotmail.com  call 616 322-0445