Adoption Pending
11 months 3 weeks
65 lbs
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Stephanie Callahan sjcallahan@aire-rescue.com
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Cat ok?: 


A little information about Jack from his foster mom:

Jack is picking up on commands quickly and is VERY smart, especially when rewarded with food or affection and knows sit, come, lay down, up, kisses, stay, "kennel up," heal and stop fairly well. He listens really well and desires rules/boundaries

- He is doing extremely well in the crate - no accidents while he's in there during the day/at night - and he actually goes into his crate on his own- He shouldn't be unattended, he does cause trouble (as does any young Airedale)

- He's been really friendly with neighbor dogs of all sizes and other dogs he doesn't know. He just gets a little excited when he is first introduced, however, a lot of that is simply the puppy in him and that he was not properly socialized in the past. He is NOT dog aggressive, but he's very protective and even possessive of his toys, his food and his "humans."

- He does great with kids and adults. He doesn't jump and respects their space, and he's very good with his food/toys with people.   

- Jack is a lover. he loves snuggling on the coach and laying his head on your lap for affection and "clowns" around rolling on his back and seeking your love/scratches

- He is very, very active and will need a home that is willing to commit at least 2 walks a day for a significant distance to him - he loves playing in the backyard too and is really good about staying busy without causing havoc (he doesn't dig/does not try to escape/does not bark)

- That being said, he does have a strong prey drive and chases squirrels/rabbits and we've seen him fixate on an outdoor cat, so absolutely no cats.