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2 years 10 months
62 lbs
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June Haas at
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Grace had exhibited some unusually behavior which raised concern, therefore ATRA took steps to identify any type of medical issue. Unfortunately, after an MRI procedure  Grace has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. 

Grace is a 2 1/2 year old playful and loving Airedale. She is clicker trained and knows sit, stay & down. She needs to be reminded of her training skills and could use a refresher course by way of  taking another training course. This would also be a bonding experience for her and her new leader.  She needs a strong, consistent leader to remind her of her training capabilities. She walks nicely on leash and and is social with other dogs if introduced properly. Grace enjoys surfing the counter, and foster mom is working with her on this. 
Grace enjoys cuddling with foster mom. She loves balls and emptying the toy bin as soon as the bin has been filled. She enjoys being brushed daily and is crate trained. 

If you fit Grace's criteria please reach out to June Haas at