9 years 3 months
63 lbs
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Kathy Kitchen: 314-401-6714
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Hi my name is Ginger, my friends call me Ginny. I am 9 years young. I play like a puppy but with maturity. I like all animals: dogs, cats, birds, gerbils. I am very sweet and shy. I love my foster Mom. Even though my foster sister is out with me I like it when my foster Mom goes out in the yard with me. I love car rides. I am crate trained although I would prefer to be left out of the crate. I have lived outside but my foster mom says I have great house manners. I am housebroken, barking at the door when I need to go out. I love my toys especially the ones with squeakers. I love to squeak them. I got to pick out a toy at the store and I carried it all around the store. The clerk had to use her hand scanner because I was not giving up my new toy. I love to hang out with my foster sister even though she tells me I can’t stay here! She really does like me and enjoys my company. Since I lived outside I will need a fenced yard. I am use to running and playing all over the countryside.

I had a lot of things wrong with me when I was rescued. But I am much better since I have good food and medicine. I have a heart murmur which someday in the future will require meds. I don’t need them yet. My back knees are bad, but are controlled by joint food, joint supplements, and gelatin. The goal is to take care and preserve the knees as best we can. I have special request because of my knees. I will either need to be lifted in and out of the car or use a car ramp, which I think is really cool. Short walks, I will not be a marathoner or running partner. Even just a back yard will be as much as I need. Also and the most import thing is I can only do about 2 steps or 3 steps at the most. A ramp would be even better. It’s not that I can’t do them; it’s to preserve my knees and not cause further deterioration. So just 2 steps in and out of your house is all I can handle.

Note from foster Mom: Ginny is one of the best Airedale I have met. She is so sweet and gentle. She just wants to hang out with me. We are becoming great buddies. When I took her to the groomer she had knots of fur in between her pads. The groomer was very gentle but it hurt to remove them. Ginny would cry and we cried. When the groomer would get them removed, Ginny would give her a kiss. She had ear infections and it hurt when we cleaned and medicated them. She didn’t like it but would hold still and she didn’t hold it against me. She has no aggressive behavior and will walk away instead of having any conflict. She has a great sense of humor. And she is so funny. She loves to watch tv.

She goes to a kennel when I work and the staff takes her out with them while they clean up the play yard. They have fallen in love with her.

Since we have started the joint food and supplements, she does not seem to be in as much pain with her knees. She has learned to use my ramp for the back yard and the car.

So if you would love to have a best buddy and can meet her special requirements give me a call:

Kathy Kitchen 314-401-6714 or email