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1 year 3 months
68 lbs
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Ginger is a 68 pound, 1.3 year old  beautiful red Airedale whose family felt she deserved a more active life with parents who could devote the time and training she needs, so they contacted ATRA. Ginger is a very loving, devoted companion, and sweet girl who loves to chew on toys, play, and chase squirrels in the backyard. She has lots of energy and needs room to run and exercise. Ginger has been with a foster family with young children and is extremely tolerant but can get a little mouthy as young pups do. Her foster family has a 6 year old male Airedale that she got along with very well. She tired him out with her nonstop playing and could also play pretty rough. She might do better as the only dog in the family because she likes to be the Queen Bee. It was then decided that Ginger would go to board and train to help her socialize and work on obedience training. She has spent the last 6 weeks training and is now ready for her forever home. Her trainer says Ginger is now great with dogs, kids, people, and grooming. She walks well on a leash and does well on obedience. She still gets excited on leash when she sees other dogs but not in an aggressive way. She just wants to meet the other dogs to play. Ginger would not be good in a home with cats as she has never lived with them and is very strong and driven. She would love to have a home with a fenced in yard to run.  If you are an active family, willing to match her energy, Ginger is waiting for you.